Trip update: 2011 Rebreathaboard

We have our first Rebreather friendly liveaboard trip here in the Galapagos Islands. The trip is scheduled for August 22th to 29th, 2011 and we have a maximum of 8 rebreather spaces available. Some updates on this:

- 9 sets of oxygen clean 40cft / 6lt cylinders with DIN / Yoke for bailout purposes and 6 sets of 2lt steel rebreather cylinders are in Miami in queue for import to Ecuador.
- 9 kegs of Sofnolime 8-12 are stored in our climate controlled warehouse in Puerto Ayora

We will update on this subject when something new happens.


PADI Rebreather Courses Explained

The announcement of PADI Rebreather Courses has created some buzz among the rebreather diving community; most of the stakeholders are the hard core rebreather divers lurking in rebreather world, here is a thread that shows what I’m talking about. On the other hand, there is a quite large contingent of recreational instructors and equipment manufacturers waiting for this new market to develop and bring more money into their pockets.

This interview by Submerge Productions was published today in PADI’s TecRec Blog; it was recorded during EuroTek in Birmingham. We all have our personal and business opinions on this; In any case, this 12 minute video is something worth watching, no matter if you are an “entrepreneur” waiting for the rebreather market to “develop”, someone looking for the next “cool thing to do”, or if you are a hard core CCR diver with a radically different approach.