CE mark for the APECS 2.7Megalodon

InnerSpace Systems Corp has issued a press release to announce the CE mark for the APECS 2.7 variant of the Megalodon rebreather. 

According to ISC, "this milestone has been some time in the making and in concert with the Mk 28 Mod 0 certification by the US Navy places the Megalodon in a unique position." Release also states that the Megalodon is a highly configurable rebreather and that the configuration certified under EN14143:2009 consists of an APECS Primary & Secondary eCCR head upon a standard size can with a five pound radial scrubber, over the shoulder counter lungs and standard DSV. The standard CE configuration also includes cylinders, first stages and backplate and harnesses along with the Tetradon wing.

Pricing, shipping and upgrade information will be available in the near future. For upgrade the units would need to be of the above configuration so standard upgrade pricing would apply. "We are exploring an upgrade package as well" said Jerry Whatley, General Manager of InnerSpace Systems Corp.

For more information please contact Innerspace Systems. They will be exhibiting at the Beneath The Sea show this weekend in booths 605 & 607 if you happen to be around.