The gear is ready; 3 more divers and their rebreathers will arrive soon...

4-6L air and 1 O2 bailouts, 7-2l, 1-3l, 1-18L, 1-40L & 1-50L full of Oxygen’s, 7-2L & 1-3L diluent cylinders, 4 kegs of sofnolime, 6 pre-packed sofnodive cartriges, 2 haskell sport boosters, a rebreather tool kit, my rebreather and caving helmet with a GoPro camera and the Equinox HD6 housing; we are still missing three divers with their rebreathers; Al arrives tomorrow, Mike and Andy on Monday...

We will be aboard a liveaboard vessel in the Galapagos Islands from August 21 to 28. Then some land based diving and maybe some cavern exploration near by. Will write a report.

Jorge A. Mahauad

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