Humpback Whales and Rebreather Divers

During the rebreather liveaboard trip in August, one of the team members brought up the idea of filming Humpback Whales with Rebreathers. Insight came immediately. “Yes we can do that. I have the place, the people and the capacity to put together a 5 day trip to do just that”, I said. In fact, we could also combine that with some manta ray reef and diving and make it match with the 2012 rebreather diving trip to Galapagos’s crown jewels Darwin and Wolf. 

I’m working on that at this time and more details will be released soon. The trip will be sometime between August and September 2012 (this is when the humpbacks are here from Antartica). We will be land based; that means staying at a local hotel and taking a day trip boat and get back in the afternoon. I'm also working on having scientific support and in complementing the expedition with research from the Pacific Whale Foundation in Ecuador.

This idea is very exciting. I will keep updating. If you want more information please send an email to jorge(at)galapagosccr.com.  

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