New found treasure for Galapagos Rebreathers

The Galapagos Islands have been in the eye of rebreather divers for a while now. Although there was not a rebreather specific and specialized operation in the islands until we showed up, several pioneers and rebreather divers have been here since the early times of diving.

Probably the first ever was Dr. Hans Hass, a diving pioneer known mainly for his ground breaking documentaries about the underwater world, which were mostly made with the use of rebreathers as the diving technology of choice.

Dr. Hass left some treasure back for us from his two visits to Floreana Island in the 1950’s. This week, after many years under the domain of Capt. Rolf Wittmer, a series of images original photographs with handwritten dedication to the family have been recovered, catalogued and preserved. Photographs are dedicated to the family of Galapagos Rebreathers manager Mr. Jorge A. Mahauad.

Lotte and Hans Hass

Back inscription: Proud to meet, Lotte and Dr. Hass. Personally and always remember the beautiful, fun evening we had here in Floreana . 


To remember the XARIFA expedition January 1954. In the second visit of the German ship to Floreana

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