Customer Reviews Galapagos Rebreathers and Jorge A. Mahauad on Rebreather World .com

Adam Podlaha was diving in the Galapagos from Dec 12 – 20, 2012. We had a great time supporting him. Adam is back home and has just published a trip report on rebreatherworld.com Click here to read his full experience travelling from the UK through Miami to the Galapagos via Guayaquil with a HammerHead Rebreather in his luggage. 

As far as Galapagos Rebreathers is concerned, this is what he has to say about us. 
"The dealing with Jorge was very professional and smooth. I let him know that I will be coming some 2 months before the arrival and agreed that we will meet the day of my arrival to sort out all bits and pieces.
After I arrived I went to my hotel, left some stuff there and walked to Jorge's place where after I met with him we went to his almost finished very nice and clean looking dive centre (including in my view already the best stocked dive shop) to sort out all stuff for my HH.  
I put it together, get all bits and pieces from him, tested the unit, filled in all necessary paperwork, showed my proof of training, etc. Jorge and his brother from Galapagos Rebreathers were very supportive, friendly and gave me all I needed to dive my HH in Galapagos. 
I will definitely be coming back in the future; Jorge is organizing some Rebreather dedicated live aboard trips in the near future. Just be aware of one of their dogs "the Beast" when you ring a bell at his place."

The dog is a security measure and a good, dirty, smelly friend; anyway, there is a good cage designed to hold the beast away from costumers and their rebreathers.

We have a few rebreather trips planned for 2012 and 2013. We will be posting about them soon, dive safe.

Jorge A. Mahauad

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