2013 Galapagos Rebreather Liveaboard

The Galapagos archipelago is a world famous hotspot for observing marine mega fauna, especially sharks. The use of rebreather technologies provides great opportunity for very close wildlife experiences in the islands.

(c) Claus Meyer 

In the Galapagos hundreds of hammerhead sharks and giant manta rays cruising overhead while big schools of Galapagos sharks wonder very close can be the fore playing scene for a bus sized whale shark to appear out of the blue. This is the reason why many diving enthusiasts and underwater imaging specialists come every year. 

(c) Claus Meyer
But very few of the regular tourists will ever have the opportunity to witness this world patrimony national park with the bubble less and quiet and moist environment a rebreather provides.  From September 16 to 23, 2013 a rebreather oriented expedition to the Galapagos Islands is being organized by PADI Course Directors and Technical Instructor Trainers Andy Phillips and Paul Toomer. The specialized trip is supported by Jorge A. Mahauad and Galapagos Rebreathers. 

The organizers have chartered Humboldt Explorer, a 35 meter steel hulled licensed live-aboard vessel with capacity to accommodate 16 divers in 8 air-conditioned double occupancy cabins with private bath and showers. A comfortable dive deck and a camera table are available for all divers. Social areas include a partially covered sundeck with Jacuzzi, ample seating space and a salon including a lounge and dining area.

This is the first rebreather only trip in the Galapagos organized by Galapagos Rebreathers. Trips like this have rarely been put together in the past and this amazing experience is now made available to a very limited and select group of divers.

Galapagos Rebreathers will provide an expedition technician to operate boosters and deliver high pressure oxygen. Granular or pre-packed CO2 absorbent, on board steel 2 or 3 liter rebreather cylinders with in line style valves and 6 liter aluminum bailout cylinders with DIN convertible valves and stage / sidemount rigging will be available for all rebreather divers.

12 spaces are available. For more information contact:

Andy Phillips: gopro(at)utiladivecenter.com
Paul Toomer: paul(at)divingmatrix.co.uk
Jorge A. Mahauad: jorge(at)galapagosccr.com

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