Galapagos 3D

By Jorge A. Mahauad
I’m back from a 21 day rebreather filming expedition to remote areas of the Galapagos with multiple award winning underwater cameraman Michael Pitts, underwater camera assistant John Chambers and HSE dive supervisor Dan Stevenson.

During the 17 days of diving in the central, far north and western areas of the archipelago we performed a total of 32 hours of rebreather diving using two Classic Inspiration CCR’s (Michael and John), one Inspiration Vision (Dan) and one Evolution Plus (Jorge). Dive profiles ranged between 12 and 35 meters with an average dive time was 90 minutes per dive having no issues with the rebreathers. 

All dives were performed from Expedition Vessel Queen Mabel and guided according to the Galapagos National Park filming permit. Galapagos Rebreathers provided Granular CO2 absorbent, medical grade oxygen, bailout cylinders while I provided expertise and technical support as a rebreather technician on board.

The recordings from this filming expedition will be used by Colosus Productions in a documentary about the Galapagos Islands. The three-part natural history series which tells the story of the remote Galapagos islands is scheduled to air on Sky 3D in late 2012; it has been written and presented by Sir David Attenborough. This is the first film produced by Colossus Productions, a collaboration between SKY 3D and Atlantic Productions, set up to develop original 3D programming for both UK and international audiences.