Closing Remarks

If you are a rebreather diver I wish you had the most boring time of your life reading this. That tells us you know all there is to know for safe rebreather diving in the Galapagos Islands.

That also means you probably need to stop reading this blog and commit to a rebreather trip here. We have one in 2013.

If you are not a rebreather diver I hope the basic ideas expressed here make sense. 

Common sense. 

If you ever become a rebreather diver please remember them; they could save your life more than once. If you are in the region maybe learning in the Galapagos is a good option. We have rebreather courses available.

I hope this series of posts help future divers make the right choices about what to do and what to avoid. 

In the meantime, dive safe.
Jorge A. Mahauad

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