EIGHT: Log your gas

Whatever unit you are bringing to the Islands will need some sort of EAN mix if not pure oxygen. As a rebreather diver you know you must analyze your gas before using it. Please go one step forward, log your gas.

In Galapagos Rebreathers we thrive to provide with the best of everything and medical oxygen is one of our biggest challenges. Appropriately filled and drained certified medical grade oxygen can only be obtained in Ecuador Mainland. We do analyze and measure the pressure of all gases prior to delivering them to our customers. This is just our own check and quality management practice. 

In any case, you are responsible for analyzing and testing your own gases prior to any dive. Make your competency as a rebreather diver and your good practices visible by completing the adequate paperwork by filling in the Nitrox Log on the boat and labeling your cylinder contents.

We do have several oxygen clean booster pumps available for rent in what I call a “self-catering” mode. It’s very simple, you rent Oxygen and a Booster from us and run your own fills. Please note that a Gas Blender Certification or equivalent is required in order to access the self-catering mode. We can also provide the training if needed.

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