FOUR: Bring Experience

How many times have you heard that your extensive open circuit experience does not make a big difference and could even be a handicap for you when rebreather diving? Probably many and this is not an exception.

Diving a rebreather in the Galapagos Islands is not something I would recommend to a novice rebreather diver. Stressing surface conditions, quick negative descents, strong horizontal currents, camera task loading, vertical currents, a very remote oceanic location and why not peer pressure for performing can be something that could, at least, take a lot of the enjoyment you probably seek out of your experience. 

If you are a novice rebreather diver thinking of coming to the Galapagos think twice. You can probably gain valuable rebreather diving experience in less stressing and cheaper locations near home before you come here with a rebreather. If you are an experienced rebreather diver that has been off the loop for a while, also think twice.

Our rebreather diving liability release form tries to bring your experience forward in a rather interactive document you will need to really read while you fill up. This is our way of saying your experience really counts. Please don’t come here un-experienced. 

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