Congratulations to Paul Tompkins, a new member of the Galapagos Rebreathers community

Congratulations to Paul Tompkins, the first ever to be certified as a PADI Tec 40 CCR diver in the Galapagos Islands. Course took place at the Galapagos Tip Top Dive and Training Facility and was taught by Jorge A. Mahauad with Evolution + Rebreathers. Here are some photos.-


Galapagos Rebreathers: Training Updates

I have Paul Tompkins here with me. Paul is a research scientist studying macro algae in Galapagos.

Paul has just started his Tec 40 CCR course here at the Galapagos TipTop Diving Facility. I personally like teaching this course as a basic CCR course instead of the Advanced Rebreather Diver. I think the additional material and knowledge regarding thinking as a technical diver and problem management gives the course a little extra that means a lot.

Paul's Tec 40 CCR is the first ever PADI rebreather course taught in Galapagos and Ecuador, I will keep this space open for some photos and updates.