The Galapagos CCR ‘after party’

I always have a hard time getting back to civilization after a Galapagos Rebreathers live-aboard trip. The logistics and trip preparation are hard but the rewards of coming back with dozens of hours of CCR diving with the best marine life diving in the world is priceless.

On the other hand, I often end up with hundreds of raw photos and video. The immediate reality of this world make it easy to turn those into a steady stream of media for Facebook or YouTube; o the other hand, the time and patience to work on a piece of edited material that makes sense and fairness to the extent of the experience our customers have while diving a CCR here is a whole other story.

As much as I dread doing it I understand the need to create something that can, somehow, maybe, make justice to what really being here is. It’s just hard to find the time and dedication to work on this with an amazing wife and daughter who deserve all the love in the world, an everyday busier dive center and the hundreds of emails and projects that wait impatiently.

Here is short edit made from amateur footage taken with GoPro cameras. I've also gathered some testimonials from of the divers on board and will atempt to brodcasten them soon enough. I hope this makes a little justice to what being here really is.

Watch this space for more...


Galapagos Rebreathers 2013 starts tomorrow

Leaving for the biggest ever Galapagos Rebreathers trip. We have 14 dives on board on CCR and a wide range of units. Welcome everybody and dive safe!!


And so it begins… Welcome John and Frank!

Today John Castracane and Frank Mcdermott arrived to our dive resort in Puerto Ayora. They are the first two people to arrive to Tip Top Diving from the 2013 Galapagos Rebreathers live-aboard trip.

Everyone is very excited about this and units are being built already. We will be working on getting everything ready tomorrow and then doing a couple check dives on Wednesday.

The trip starts on Monday but we expect to have everything loaded and ready to go by Sunday. I will do my best to keep this blog updated but can’t promise much. 14 CCRs aren’t easy to support and time will be really tight for the next week or so.

You can follow this trip by using the Galapagos Rebreather Liveaboards 2013 tag.