Is there Internet in the Galapagos?

There are several internet cafés in Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela. Email and social media can be easily reached from those. Some internet venues in the Galapagos also offer voice over IP calling services. There is also a free WIFI service available at hotspots near the docks or walkways, the service is provided by RedGal. Although connectivity is good overall and many restaurants and cafés also offer free WIFI overall internet connection speed is rather low.

Country code for Ecuador mainland is +593. The area code for the Galapagos Islands is 05 when calling from an Ecuadorian landline or cellphone. For calling the Galapagos from abroad the “0” is not needed, just dial “+5935” and the phone number. There are many payphones available in Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal). Phone access can be a little more difficult in Puerto Villamil (Isabela) and Puerto Velasco Ibarra (Floreana).

Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz), Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal) and Puerto Villamil (Isabela) have postal service.

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