What are my boat options for diving in Galapagos?

You have two main options: a Galapagos live-aboard or Land based diving.

Liveaboard cruises in the Galapagos Islands are similar to others in the world. A Galapagos live-aboard is a “hotel ship” which cruises the Galapagos under a fixed itinerary. The boats accommodate 16 divers on board and are allowed to perform live-aboard diving in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Liveaboard vessels are not authorized to make any land visits but do allow access to distant places; this is a must when divers want to visit the world renowned and northern-most islands of Darwin and Wolf.

Land based diving using daily tour operators based in the inhabited islands can take divers out to the Marine Reserve and offer two tank days of diving. All daily tour guests have to sleep on a land based accommodation on an inhabited island such as a hotel or hostel; therefore you will have more flexibility in your activities. There is some remarkably good diving in the central islands as well.

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