Glapagos Sky welcomes Galapagos Rebreathers

Galapagos Sky, the most luxurious live-aboard vessel in the Galapagos Islands is now welcoming rebreather divers on selected departures. 

Amy Lesh, Marketing and Sales Manager made the announcement earlier today. 

“I think it is a good move and I am very optimistic. Jorge will prescreen/prequalify rebreather divers and handle all logistics with them, etc. - he will bring all boosters, bail out bottles, arrange O2, sorb, etc. I look forward to working with on this!”

The two rebreather departures planned for 2017 have 8 open spots each and are expected to sell fast. For information please contact Jorge A. Mahauad, Director of Galapagos Rebreathers.

Galapagos Rebreathers is a firm dedicated to providing rebreather services in the Galapagos Islands. Our mission is to deliver close and intimate encounters with marine wildlife and promote underwater exploration.