The Galapagos archipelago is a world famous hotspot for observing marine mega fauna, especially sharks. The use of rebreather technologies provides great opportunity for very close wildlife experiences in the islands.

(c) Claus Meyer 

In the Galapagos hundreds of hammerhead sharks and giant manta rays cruising overhead while big schools of Galapagos sharks wonder very close can be the fore playing scene for a bus sized whale shark to appear out of the blue. This is the reason why many diving enthusiasts and underwater imaging specialists come every year. 

(c) Claus Meyer
But very few of the regular tourists will ever have the opportunity to witness this world patrimony national park with the bubble less and quiet and moist environment a rebreather provides.  Trips like this have rarely been put together in the past and this amazing experience is now made available to a very limited and select group of divers.

We have a number of trips available in 2016 and 2017 for the Galapagos Rebreathers community.

Here is the schedule:


April 2 - 9.  This trip will be run on board Galapagos Sky, the most high end dive boat in the Galapagos. Trip will be fully rebreather friendly and there are 8 spaces available. This date will have great value as Galapagos Sky is paying the CCR supplement for their guests.

June 18 - 25.  This trip is on board Galapagos Sky, the most high end dive boat in the Galapagos. This trip is aimed as a rebreather friendly one and there are 8 spaces available.

Aug 7 - 14, SOLD OUT. This trip is on board Humboldt Explorer, a well-established vessel in the market. Carrying 16 people, this is aimed as a rebreather only trip and will be run in conjunction with Andy Phillips.

A la carte departures:

The Galapagos Rebreathers firm is run as a local platform for industry leaders worldwide who show interest in organizing rebreather travel to the Galapagos Islands. We provide support in terms of booking and marketing live-aboard spaces for rebreathers and provide on-site support, equipment, consumables and guiding. If you have a group of 4 or more please feel free to contact us as we can open a la carte departures if required.

Please feel free to contact Jorge A. Mahauad to learn more about these departures.

For all Galapagos Rebreathers live-aboard we provide an expedition technician to operate boosters and deliver high pressure oxygen. Granular or pre-packed CO2 absorbent, on board steel 2 or 3 liter rebreather cylinders with in line style valves and 6 liter aluminum bailout cylinders with DIN convertible valves and stage / sidemount rigging.

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