Here is our FAQ section. To read all click here. For a la carte FAQ's please choose from the options below:

How do I get to the Galapagos?
Are there any fees and / or taxes in Galapagos?
What are my travel options in the Galapagos?
What are my boat options for diving in Galapagos?
How do I move from one island to another in the Galapagos?
How do I get around in the Galapagos?
Do I need special Insurance to come to Galapagos?
What if I get sick while in Galapagos? Do I need any special vaccines?
How’s the weather in the Galapagos?
Is there Internet in the Galapagos?
What should I bring to the Galapagos? General packing list
What about getting money in the Galapagos? Cash on board?
What are the dive insurance requirements in the Galapagos? Is there a recompression chamber in the Islands?
What type of diving is there in the Galapagos? Is it mainly Drift Diving?
Is there surge while diving the Galapagos?
What’s the water temperature for diving in the Galapagos?
How are the currents in the Galapagos?
How are Safety Stops / Decompression performed in the Galapagos?
What is the current state of Rebreather Diving in the Galapagos?
What makes a Rebreather friendly tour to the Galapagos? What's included?
What are the rules and dive profileswe require for a CCR friendly tour?
What is the required personal equipment?
What paperwork will I need to sign?
I want to come dive with you, how do I go about making a booking?
What is the electricity voltage in the boat? Which plug do I take with me?
Besides my own rebreather, what else should I bring?

For more information or additional questions please contact us.

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