Land Based

Basic support for land based rebreather divers available at all times

The items to be provided as support for rebreather divers coming to the Galapagos with units are:

2 or 3 litter steel cylinders with AP valves
6 or 10 cubic meter cylinders with medical grade O2
Haskell Sport Booster with filling whips
Sofnolime 8 – 12 mesh (1 – 2.5mm) Expiry date is 2014
Required fittings and adapters
Non O2 clean trans-filling whip for diluent cylinders

We also have a choice of aluminim cylinders (5,7l/40cft & 11,5l/80cft) with rigging for bailout and a stock of specialized diving equipment for rent including bailout regulators, backplates, wings, analyzers, etc. 

Other needs can be accomodated on a one to one basis. Bookings, logistics, advice or guidance is also provided. At this time, expeditions in liveaboard cruises and day dive boats are organized in group basis. For information on upcoming Rebreather Expeditions please follow this link