Galapagos Rebreathers update from the last years

In the last five years, 2017 - 2021, Galapagos Rebreathers has been growing and has a new contributor to the brand. Javier has been working, providing rebreather support for different expeditions on the islands for private guiding on CCR and providing support for filming crews looking for the benefits of rebreathers.

2017 brought us the opportunity to train Javier as ur intern while providing support on 2, 7-day full rebreather charters for Pete Mesley and Lust 4 Rust aboard the vessel Nortada; it was a trip full of challenges but successful in the end. 

Barnden CCR Dive team!

In June 2018, we had a half charter trip onboard Deep Blue, a dive vessel owned by Master Liveaboards. This trip was a tailored charter providing support for 6 CCR divers during a week-long trip. On this trip, we hosted 6 JJ CCR and had the honor to work with renowned photographer Richard Barnden. Was an incredible first time for Javier, being entirely in charge of the rebreather support for our guests! To make the trip a "little" bit more special, we were fortunate enough to witness the volcanic eruption of La Cumbre volcano on Fernandina after our marine iguana dive. Not a wrong way to start at all!

La Cumbre Volcano (Fernandina Islands) eruption.

Galapagos Master "DEEP BLUE" and La Cumbre

Javier and Paul.

In 2019 we had a liveaboard in one of the most luxurious vessels in the islands, Galapagos Sky. This time we had the opportunity to work with Paul Reymaykers and some staff from Mares providing support for a trip where we had 4 Horizon SCRs before even being launched in the market! Our team underwent training on the unit, and we had a great week of diving. Definitely a very enriching experience and a great learning opportunity from one of the most respected names in the industry. We supported gas blending on the boat, sofnolime and guided the group.

HORIZON dive deck!


Galapagos Sky anchored at Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island.

2019 was a year that came accompanied with the tragic news of Andy Phillips, one of our first and most loyal clients, sadly passing away. This time we provided support for Andy's guests as a way of honoring all the work and effort he put into making Galapagos Rebreathers grow. A trip loaded with emotions and memories aboard Humboldt Explorer, but what better way to honor a friend than doing what he loved the most? Darwin islands will never forget his presence around. On this trip, we had Eduardo taking care of the briefings and guiding us while Jorge and Javier took care of the logistics.

Eduardo looking out for Lucas.

2020 was a year that didn't look very promising with the pandemic starting and the islands shutting down together with all the world. We had a full charter aboard Galapagos Sky with Pete Mesley that didn't go through because of worldwide intense traveling restrictions. Nevertheless, June came, and opportunities started arising! We ended up diving a whole month and a half, providing two big production companies! We spent 2 weeks alone upon Darwin and Wolf's islands filming shark action at its finest, having the sites for ourselves! Something that doesn't happen very often on such a demanded dive destination! To make it even better, after finishing this 2 weeks filming the "french way" with Bonne Pioche, we had a 3-week trip filming for the BBC, providing rebreather support for the filming of 2 different episodes of the broadcast company "Mammals" and "Edens." This trip had a bit of everything, Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks, Sea Lions feeding, playing, mating, Sea Turtles and almost, Galapagos Sharks predating Galapagos Sea Lions.

The team leaving for a dive at Darwin's Arch.

Jean Charles Granjon and Dan Beecham at wold Island on commission for Bonne Pioche.

During 2021, we provided support for a diverse variety of trips; we started supporting the BBC in March working with Penguins, Cormorant, and Marine Iguanas, we had the opportunity to provide support to superyachts working together with Tahiti Private Expeditions and Sea Master Galapagos catering for Fidelis, a small group of 4 divers that love silent diving as a family. Definitely, working with returning customers is a gratifying feeling. 

Our BBC team (Simon, Santiago, Lindsay, Fernando, Javier, Jo, returning from the location after a very productive shoot day!


Our pickup truck is on the way!


Boosting at NORTADA.


SY Fildelis guests prepping their units together with Rodolphe Holler.

In June we provided support for Silverback productions, one of the biggest names in the multimedia world. We worked together with Diddier Noirot, a very recognized cameraman in the industry since Calypso and Jacques Cousteau's dream of documenting the underwater wonders. This trip was organized and delivered for Netflix! At the same time, we provided full rebreather support for 16 guests onboard Galapagos Sky on a trip organized by Florida Underwater Sports. Providing goods and support for 2 trips simultaneously definitely speaks highly about our staff; we had 3 CCR guides working as a team to make it happen! Thanks to Jorge, Eduardo, and Javier for making our name stand out in the industry!

Javier, Simon, Jose, Inrry, Nick and Diddier on site at "Las Marielas"

All the equipment to provide 2 simultaneous rebreather trips!

Diddier Noirot on action for Silverback productions.

As the year kept going, we got a last-minute opportunity to participate in a multi-government project for the expansion of the marine reserves in the eastern pacific and joined the crew of Sea Legacy 1 for documenting the wonders of the Galapagos. Working for Sea Legacy and with Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier was a blossoming experience for Javier, an advocate of ocean conservation and underwater photography. We dove together for 20 days documenting the most know species on the site like hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, sea lions, and sea turtles as well as the most unique species of the archipelago as Marine Iguana, Flightless Cormorants, and the most northern penguin in the world.

Setting sails to conserve and preserve the GMR.

Rebreathers and camera equipment are ready to go on the dive deck!

Cristina M. and Paul N. pre-breathing their Poseidon SE7EN Rebreathers.

The biggest trip of the year was together with Aron Arggrimson, director of The Dirty Dozen Expeditions. This trip was planned 5 years ago and the expectation had been growing up until it was finally the time for it. Personally, I've admired Arons work since I first got into technical diving so it feels like achieving a milestone. In this trip, we went back onboard Deep Blue, and we had a variety of units on the dive deck, REVO's, KISS Spirit, Hollis P2's,  Meg's,  JJ's, and Inspirations! We were able to support more than 250 dives in total! One of the nicest surprises of this trip was having a returning customer from our 2020 trip, which definitely points out how worth diving in the Galapagos on a CCR. Even better, 5 of our guests from this trip will be returning on March 2023.

Dingy fun after an EPIC dive at The Landslide, Wolf Island.

Two happy TRITONS enjoying a closeup encounter with Mola Alexandrini at Vicente Roca.
The team scouting for some ORCA action along Cape Douglas shoreline.

The Dirty Dozen CCR team posing at Darwin's Pillars on the sundeck with their beloved CCR's!


Galapagos CCR 2017 clips

2017 was a good year at Galapagos Rebreathers. We supported about 8 expeditions. My role was primarily as a guide and I did not dive with the primary objective of getting photo and video. Here are a few clips from my compact point and shoot. Enjoy!

Jorge A. Mahauad


Last minute deal!!

We have a last minute cancellation on our August 7 to 14 rebreather trip. This has been sold out for over a year now but one of our guests had a family medical emergency and can't attend. This is a 7k trip and is being sold for 3k. If you are interested let me know, trip leaves on Monday so there is time to get here. Check out what this is about in the video below:


Glapagos Sky welcomes Galapagos Rebreathers

Galapagos Sky, the most luxurious live-aboard vessel in the Galapagos Islands is now welcoming rebreather divers on selected departures. 

Amy Lesh, Marketing and Sales Manager made the announcement earlier today. 

“I think it is a good move and I am very optimistic. Jorge will prescreen/prequalify rebreather divers and handle all logistics with them, etc. - he will bring all boosters, bail out bottles, arrange O2, sorb, etc. I look forward to working with on this!”

The two rebreather departures planned for 2017 have 8 open spots each and are expected to sell fast. For information please contact Jorge A. Mahauad, Director of Galapagos Rebreathers.

Galapagos Rebreathers is a firm dedicated to providing rebreather services in the Galapagos Islands. Our mission is to deliver close and intimate encounters with marine wildlife and promote underwater exploration.


Good news! Solid state oxygen sensors are here

I just returned home from attending TEKdiveUSA.2016 over the weekend.

Besides the amazing talks and stories there which I will not try to reproduce in this blog, I wanter to blog about one of the most remarkable advancements in terms of innovation for Tecnical Diving in the last few years.

Oxygen measuring is still probably one of the weakest links in the "modern" rebreather. Highly evolved electronics and controllers thrive to keep us alive but the good old galvanic sensor has always been there to make sure things aren't that easy.

Anyway, Poseidon Systems introduced a working model of a solid state Oxygen sensor. This is huge. There has been a lot of talk about these for many years and I am glad to see one that will be commercially available in 2016.

Poseidon has also understood that this advancement is for the benefit and growth of rebreather “industry”, not just for Poseidon rebreathers. They will be selling the sensor in conjunction with the new M28, an advanced dive computer.

The technical details are available here.


TEKdiveUSA.2016 is here

Starting tonight, TEKDiveUSA is a biennial advanced and technical diving conference.

We kick things off tonight with a BBQ.

A dive into a volcanic cave 60 meters deep in a collapsed crater
in Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands. 
The next couple days will comprise an exhibition. The 'show and tell' will has over 35 international technical diving companies with opportunities to talk directly with manufacturers.

For me, the most interesting part is the conference with several talks from the leading TEK divers and explorers around the globe. All these exciting talks and useful workshops will cover many aspects of advanced and technical diving including wreck, cave and dive physiology, technique, safety, technological advancement and imaging.

There will also be a gala awards dinner. The Gala Awards Dinner is the night where we celebrate success, catch up with old friends and make new contacts.

I will be posting a report on the things that I find most interesting and exciting in the next few days. If you are around and want to learn about what we do with Rebreathers in the Galapagos Islands just send me a line!



Amazing Galapagos video footage by Armado Gasse - Galapagos Rebreathers

I met Armando Gasse (armandogasse.com) back in 2012 while supporting a private vessel on a 2 week long trip to the Galapagos. We have remained friends since then and he is always sharing his amazing material with me.

It is often hard to share the material filmed in super yacht support expeditions because of it's private nature. But here is an extensive edit of our trip back in 2012 with 4 rebreather divers on board that amazing 60 meter Research Super Yacht.

He managed to leave out the boat information so I thought of sharing it... enjoy!

For more information on rebreather travel to the Galapagos Islands check out our rebreather live-aboard specialized trips for 2016 and 2017. For Rebreather Super Yacht Support in the Galapagos Islands follow this link.