Galapagos Rebreathers in DEMA 2014

Jorge A. Mahauad, managing director of Galapagos Rebreathers will be attending DEMA Show 2014. Come by booth 2133 to have a chat and learn about what we are doing to promote rebreather travel to the Galapagos Islands. To make an appointment call (239) 400 - 4581 or (239) 240 7595.


Besides my own rebreather, what else should I bring?

We recommended the following minimum spares and consumables:

  • Oxygen Sensors (2) 
  • Oxygen compatible grease
  • Any unit specific O-ring kit
  • Any unit specific tools
  • Mouthpiece

What is the electricity voltage in the boat? Which plug do I take with me?

The standard electrical power in the Galapagos is 110V, 60Hz. Most outlets take two flat-prong plugs. Other appliances and voltages will need appropriate adapters and converters.

I want to come dive with you, how do I go about making a booking?

A minimum of two CCR divers is required to open a rebreather friendly departure. Galapagos Rebreathers will then market the departure as rebreather oriented in order to increase the number of CCR team members to up to 08.

We have a data base of people interested and can pull together people with interest to plan a departure. Just send us a note.

What paperwork will I need to sign?

Insurance, Liability Releases:

All divers must carry dive accident insurance for the entire duration of the trip. Travel insurance is also recommended. Upon arrival, rebreather divers will be requested to fill in standard forms for diving liability release plus a special statement of understanding and liability release specific to rebreather diving. All boat releases and additional paperwork required to dive are also required.

What ios the required personal equipment?

  • At least one CE / ISO tested Rebreather sold by a manufacturing company. No homemade units.
  • DSMB and spool are mandatory for all divers.
  • Audible device
  • Bailout regulator or BOV
  • Dust and water caps for regulators, connections, etc.
  • Recommended minimum spares and consumables:
  • Oxygen Sensors (2) 
  • Oxygen compatible grease
  • Unit specific O-ring kit
  • Unit specific tools
  • Mouthpiece
  • Recommended Equipment:
  • One “Nautilus Lifeline” device per buddy team.

What are the rules and dive profileswe require for a CCR friendly your?

Profiles are limited to a bottom time of 60 minutes and an average depth of 20 meters to avoid decompression.

Standard diluent provided will be air and maximum recommended narcotic depth 30 meters.

No “solo buddy diving”. The group, as a whole, needs to remain together at all times. If separated from the group, individual divers or buddy teams need to immediately deploy diver surface markers and ascend using the line as a reference.

Divers have to remain within the Galapagos National Park Guide supervision.

For special technical diving with rebreathers contact us directly. We are happy to accommodate new things.